Self Managed QROPS

Self Managed QROPS – The opportunity

It is possible for financially experienced individuals to have a QROPS which is self managed.

QROPS Schemes can be either self managed, delegated or part delegated.

We advise that you discuss fully with your QROPS provider how much control you should take as they often require careful management. Not all QROPS providers allow self managed options.

Benefits of a Self Managed QROPS include:

  • Can have total control of investments
  • Less bureaucracy as you do not need to continuously approach the QROPS trustees to action dealings.

Self managed does not necessarily mean taking sole control – the delegated factor allows an agreed authority to manage a portion of the scheme depending on the individuals attitude to risk.

Some QROPS advisors will also put together tailored investments in a specialist sector, providing the details do not clash with QROPS legislation.

For more information on Self Managed QROPS schemes please contact us here.