QROPS New Zealand

QROPS New Zealand – The options

New Zealand is one of the leading QROPS jurisdictions

The current advantages of holding your QROPS in New Zealand are:

  • Most transfers into a New Zealand QROPS are exempt from tax
  • No income tax is paid on the lump sum or annuities
  • Most UK pension schemes can be transferred in to a New Zealand QROPS – excluding the state pension or any fund where the saver has already bought an annuity
  • Many New Zealand QROPS schemes pay out more than the existing UK limit of 30% tax free lump sum

QROPS New Zealand – Had it’s day?

There has recently been a significant negative press regarding QROPS in New Zealand as there is concern that the New Zealand Government will amend their current favourable legislation. For this most up to date information please contact us here or fill in the form below.