QROPS France

QROPS France – The Options

If you have a UK pension and currently live in France, or intend on moving or retiring in France you should really consider a QROPS transfer.

There are currently no French QROPS providers able where you are able to transfer your UK pension. However there are many authorised offshore jurisdictions such as the Isle of Man or Guernsey where you can hold your QROPS.

QROPS France – The potential benefits:

  • 0% Inheritance Tax
  • 0% Income Tax
  • Higher Tax Free Lump
  • Lower service charges
  • Wider range of investment allocation
  • Protection of Assets

Pensions are paid gross and income tax is paid where you are resident, so this is subject to French tax rules.

By keeping your QROPS funds out of France you will be outside of the complicated French inheritance regime.

For further information on offshore QROPS transfers when living in France and to be introduced to an accredited and authorised QROPS adviser please contact us here or fill in the form below.