QROPS Australia

QROPS in Australia – what’s the Story?

Moving to Australia? There could be advantages to transferring your UK pension to Australia.

Around 25,000 British passport holders emigrate each year to Australia. Many of these are of pensionable age, looking to enjoy the beaches and sun that is so often sorely missed in the UK.

There are many HMRC approved, Qualifying Registered Offshore Pension Schemes (QROPS) in Australia which allow you to move your UK   pension into a Superannuation Scheme in Australia. However there maybe much more tax efficient jurisdictions to move your pension.

Transferring your UK pension to Australia?


  • No death duties or inheritance taxes paid in most cases
  • Lower tax paid (15%) on benefits to the individual than in the UK
  • Current exchange rate advantages

However we would recommend that you considered transfering your pension to a 3rd country jurisdiction such as the Isle of Man or Malta because;

  • Any growth in your pension investments is tax free and paid out gross
  • You can only transfer a maximum of AUS $150,000 per year or a lump sum 3 year figure of AUS $450,000 into a Superannuation fund in Australia

It is also key to remember when setting up a QROPS in Australia that you must be intending to live outside of the UK for 10+ years and be transferring the pension into a HMRC approved QROPS. We also strongly recommend that you use a qualified financial advisor to help you transfer your pension into a QROPS.

For more information on transferring your UK pension to Australia (QROPS Australia) or a 3rd party country – please contact us here or fill in the form below.